Prayers & Announcements for March 4, 2012

Mar 06, 2012   •  


Prayer and praise will be our power house: ‘“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” We urge all believers to raise up the church in prayers, expecting God to move and act. Jesus says the harvest is already plentiful but we must pray (Mt 9:38). Let us continue the habit of spending time with God daily. Let CCC to be a house of prayer for all peoples.

Pray for brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • For healing and strength for those with ongoing medical treatment, chronic pain, or hospitalization. May they and their family members find peace and courage as they trust God.
  • Pray for our young adults, that they may hear God’s voice above all the distracting noises of the world.
  • Thank God for the opportunity to hear from missionaries recently. Praise God for their willingness to “go and make disciples”. Pray that we, as “senders” will continue to support them with our love and prayers.
  • Pray for those taking care of sick/elderly family members, that they may find peace and calm even with unexpected responsibilities.

Pray for needs of the church:

  • Pray that we may focus our prayers and activities on reaching out. The theme – Building a People for God’s Kingdom: Making Christ Known – continues for this year. Pray that we each make it a priority to share Christ.
  • Thank God for the workers in the sanctuary – that they are committed to doing the best job they can. Pray for their safety and perseverance.
  • Pray for the teens planning to go to the Impact Conference this month. Pray that many seeds will take root.
  • Pray for those working on Easter programs; may we strive to provide opportunities for all to experience love and redemption.
  • Pray for the committees working on the details of return to worship in the sanctuary.

For reflection: Pray that during this season of Lent we may empty ourselves of the world’s distractions which compete for our affections. Pray that we will allow God to fill that emptiness with the strength of the Holy Spirit, remembering how Jesus emptied himself of his divine rights to die on the cross on our behalf. 23 This is what the LORD says: “Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, 24 but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the LORD. – Jeremiah 9


1. NEXT SUNDAY Three worship services will be held at regular times:

  • 9:30 am Cantonese Hung Memorial Hall
  • 10:45 am Mandarin Rooms 301-303
  • 11:00 am English Hung Memorial Hall

2. CHURCH DIRECTORY Church directory pictures will be taken on Sunday, April 1 for those who did not have their picture taken in 2010. Existing photos and sign-up sheet will be posted in the hallway soon.

3. MANDARIN LANGUAGE ENRICHMENT PILOT PROGRAM A language enrichment class for children ages 4-10 will be conducted on Sundays beginning March 4 (today) -25, 2012 from 1:00 – 1:30 pm in Room B-2. Lesley will be teaching Mandarin words and phrases through activities, songs, etc. (learning through fun activities) Younger children may attend with a parent and older children may attend and help with the younger ones. Continuation of the class will depend on interest and resources. Come to the first session today or contact Joanne if you have questions.

4. SHORT-TERM MISSIONS OPPORTUNITY Missionaries will be running another children’s summer camp during the month of July. Pastor Charles and some of our members have helped during the last two camps. If you are interested, please see Pastor Charles.

5. SEEDS FELLOWSHIP for families with young children meeting at Tom and Joanne’s on Saturday, March 10, 10 am.

6. OUR DAILY BREAD AND UPPER ROOM DEVOTIONALS for March are available in the literature rack.

7. IMPACT 2012 Youth for Christ Conference for High School students is March 23-25 in Ocean City. Any high school student interested in attending should contact Theresa or Garrett as soon as possible. Cost is $85.

8. TIDINGS, the church newsletter, will be published in mid-March. Please submit articles or activity details to by March 7.

9. HEAT IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL will be turned off for five weeks so that the new system and ductwork can be installed. Due to unforeseen complications this process will take longer than originally anticipated but cannot be helped. Temporary heating will be in place so it won’t be frigid, but you might want to wear your jacket to service. Thanks for your patience and flexibility.

10. COMMUNITY TAX AID Assistance with filing income tax returns is available for free for low income families. Check out the web site for locations and hours. CCC is offering Chinese translation assistance on Sundays at the Martin Luther King Jr Library location from 1- 4 pm. Please contact Shirley if you can help with translation.

11. FLOWER DONORS FOR 2012 Remember a loved one or special occasion by donating flowers for the sanctuary altar. Cost is $20 per vase. Flower chart is located on the HMH bulletin board.

12. LUNCH COOKS NEEDED In order to continue with the lunch hour, we need more participation by the congregation to be lunch cooks and helpers. Please sign up on the bulletin board in the kitchen hallway.

13. PHASE II SANCTUARY RENOVATION IS IN PROGRESS Completed –MPE Rough in ceiling, structural steel framing, rough carpentry in chancel, wall close-in inspection. In progress – hang tape and finish walls; HVAC equipment install and ducts. Please pay attention to safety precautions and pardon the dust migrating through the floorboards. FUNDRAISING STATUS Thank you to all who have contributed to the Phase II Sanctuary Renovation Fund. We will continue to gratefully receive donations until the last bill is paid and the project is completed (hopefully, by May 2012). Outstanding pledges – The Committee would like to begin work on the “giving tree” layout, so, if you have an outstanding pledge, please let Linda know its status by March 31, 2012. Your support is appreciated.