Prayers: Week of November 17, 2019

Nov 17, 2019   •  

Prayer and praise will be our power house: ‘“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”  We urge all believers to raise up the church in prayers, expecting God to move and act.  The church staff will be praying over these requests every Wednesday from 11:45 am – 12 noon.  Please join them wherever you are to uphold CCC and her people in prayer.  Additional requests may be submitted to the pastors.

Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you, Lord, for shelter from both the storms of life and weather.
  • Thank you, Lord, for reminding us that we’re never out of Your reach or without hope. 
  • Thank you, Lord, whatever troubles overtake us, whatever evils, Jesus—the Lion of Judah—is with us (Revelation 5:5).
  • Thank you, Lord, for the Holy Spirit allowing me to do things that I cannot do on my own.
  • Thank you, Lord, for people who come alongside me to help, no questions asked.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • Pray for healing and strength for those in fragile health.
  • Pray for comfort for those in nursing or needing homebound care.  
  • Pray for perseverance for Pastor Josh’s family, especially Esther, during the critical weeks of her high-risk pregnancy and continuing to care for her family.
  • Pray for God’s peace, protection, and intervention for the people in Hong Kong during this dangerous period of evil and crisis.
  • Pray for endurance for those for whom winter conditions can be difficult. 
  • Pray for forgiveness for those who doubt your power and goodness . 

Pray for CCC:

  • Pray that we may be drawn into the spirit of thanksgiving as we sing praises to God in worship.   And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy!  Psalm 107:22 
  • Pray for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day outreach plans, that our workers will be able to invite many to come and meet Jesus.
  • Pray for the work that still needs to be finished on the renovation after Landis Construction is finished with their part by Thanksgiving.
  • Pray for the Operation Shoebox project that our Sunday School children are working on to tell other children about Jesus.
  • Thank you, Lord, for our those pitching in to carry on the work of the Mandarin ministry while Pastor Joanna is away. Pray for Pastor Joanna’s family.
  • Pray for thankful hearts and attitudes that rub off on others we meet in our path.

To Think About: In Proverbs, God’s guide to living, we are reminded that pride goes against the first principle of wisdom (fearing the Lord) and just like a physical swelling in the body is dangerous so isswelling in our soul.   Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  Proverbs 16:18 ESV