Prayers: May 15, 2022

May 15, 2022   •  


Always be joyful. Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank you, God:

  • for nourishing us with Your Word
  • for giving us signs along our road of life that tell us where You want us to be
  • for creating us to be holy. Help us respond by being ready to serve You.
  • for the unique creatures You have created, even the ones that eat our flowers.
  • For the mystery of seeds that turn into something beautiful


  • for those who are ill or frail
  • for those who are homebound or hospitalized
  • for Eva, Pastor Charles’ niece, who is making small improvements as doctors move her out of comatose state during COVID treatment.  Pray for others who are still being infected or quarantined due to COVID.
  • that we may work hard to cultivate godly character in ourselves after God does His work of bringing us to faith. 2 Peter1:5-7
  • for the Board and the tasks before them. Pray that they would see responsibility as a spiritual commitment in service to the LORD.
  • for unity among us and healing of old wounds which keep us from moving forward
  • that others may see radical love in us that is inspired by God and causes them to want the same inspiration.
  • that when we disagree, we are reminded the Bible says believers are to always conduct themselves with “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12). Instead of being harshly critical, even of our enemies, God urges us to “bear with each other and forgive one another if [we have] a grievance” (v. 13).
  • for wisdom in making good choices for our lives
  • that we make training and instruction of the Lord for the children entrusted to our care or in our midst as a priority providing positive word, example, and environment
  • for protection from evil forces leading us away from the life God has planned for us
  • that CCC be diligent in following the ministry plans God wants us to fulfill
  • that God will provide peace, comfort, and reconciliation for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Be with those who are anxious, fearful and bereaved.  We fervently cry out for an end to this conflict trusting in God’s mercy and compassion.

To Think About:

In the midst of bad times, yes, even a pandemic, we can have joy.  Joy is not based on circumstance but on the Word of God.  We read Nehemiah 8:10, . . . .Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” 

When we have the joy of the Lord, we also have the strength of the Lord.  Jesus in our heart provides the joy that we can share to encourage others and conquer negative roadblocks.  Let people remember that we made them smile – it only takes 17 of the 43 muscles in our face to smile, but all of them to frown.


要常常喜樂, 不住的禱告, 凡事謝恩。因為這是 神在基督耶穌裏向你們所定的旨意。

帖撒羅尼迦前書 五章 十六至十八節


  • 您的話語滋養我們的生命。
  • 在生命的道路上指示我們你願意我們行的路。
  • 使我們成為聖潔;求你幫助我們隨時準備在你脚前服事。
  • 創造萬物各有不同,甚至那些把我們的花吃掉的生物。
  • 種子可以變成美麗植物的奧秘。


  • 生病的肢體和居家行動不便的弟兄姊妹滿有神的同在。
  • 辜漢然牧師的甥女伊娃(Eva)治療新冠病毒感染的過程有明顯改善,在醫生解除了她的誘導昏迷狀態后,她目前的狀況略有好轉。也為其他仍因新冠病毒感染或隔離的人祈禱。
  • 在神引領我們信主之後,讓我們努力培養自己敬虔的品格。(彼得後書 1:5-7
  • 神讓董事會持守服事主的信心和責任,求主帶領他們面前的事工。
  • 我們之間的合一,求神醫治一切阻礙我們前進的舊有的傷痛。
  • 我們能將神的愛行在我們的生命中,讓 周圍的人看到和感受到這份可以改變生命的愛,從而鼓舞他人渴慕擁有從神而來的新生命。
  • 當我們有不同意見時,聖經提醒我們,要始終以憐憫、恩慈、謙虛、溫柔、忍耐的心彼此包容(歌羅西書3:12)。甚至對待反對我們的人,也不要嚴厲責備,反而敦促我們倘若這人與那人有嫌隙,總要彼此包容,彼此饒恕;主怎樣饒恕了你們,你們也要怎樣饒恕人。(歌羅西書3:13)。
  • 我們有智慧在生活中做出正確選擇。
  • 我們有能力設定優先秩序,為託付給我們看顧或在我們中間的孩子提供合主心意的培訓和指導,為孩子們的成長提供正面的言語、榜樣和環境。
  • 我們的主保護我們免受邪惡勢力的影響,不要讓我們偏離神為我們設計的永生之路。
  • 我們的教會努力遵循神要我們完成的事工計劃。
  • 神為我們在烏克蘭的兄弟姐妹提供和平、安慰與和解;願神與那些焦慮、恐懼和失去親人的人同在。讓我們迫切地禱告呼求神以憐憫和同情結束這場衝突。


        是的,在糟糕的時候,即使是大疫情,我們也能喜樂。 喜樂不是基於環境,而是基於神的話。 我們來讀尼希米記 8章第10節: . . . 你們去吃肥美的,喝甘甜的,有不能預備的就分給他,因為今日是我們主的聖日。你們不要憂愁,因靠耶和華而得的喜樂是你們的力量。當我們有從神而來的喜樂時,同時也得到了從神而來的力量。 我們心中的耶穌是喜樂的源頭,讓我們可以分享這份喜樂,鼓勵他人,征服消極因素。 讓人們記得是我們使他們微笑——我們臉上有 43 塊肌肉,只要動用其中的 17 塊肌肉就會讓我們微笑,但想要皺眉的話,卻需要動用所有的43塊肌肉。