Prayers: June 19, 2022

Jun 19, 2022   •  


Always be joyful. Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank you, God:

  • for being our heavenly Father, guiding us to live life set apart from the world
  • for giving us the desires of our heart when we trust in Him. Psalm 37:4
  • for our earthly fathers
  • because You are light, and through faith in Jesus, we can overcome our spiritual darkness
  • that when we are afraid, we can put our trust in You. Psalm 56:3


  • for those who are ill or frail
  • for those who are homebound or hospitalized or recovering from treatment
  • that we not let pride get in the way of trusting God
  • that we may bless even our enemies so that we may be blessed. 1 Peter 3:9
  • for self-control to live a holy life and not one that serves selfish desires
  • for blessing our graduates with success in study.  May He continue to guide them in their journey of life
  • for the church Summer Retreat – that our plans will be blessed by God and many will be led to attend the weekend of learning and fellowship
  • for a time of refreshing and inspiration for Pastor Joanna during her summer sabbatical
  • for Vacation Bible School – for the planners, the helpers, and the students who will attend
  • that others may experience the love of God through our words and actions
  • for godly leadership in our country
  • that we may forgive others who have hurt us just as God has forgiven the things that we’ve done to hurt Him
  • that we concentrate on our assignment from God, and leave what we can’t do in His hands
  • that God will provide peace, comfort, and reconciliation for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Be with those who are anxious, fearful and bereaved.  We continue to cry out for an end to this conflict trusting in God’s mercy and compassion.

To Think About:

We read in Psalm 119:68 that God is good and does only good, yet when we are in the midst of trial, we often think good is not happening to us.  However, as God teaches us good judgment and knowledge we find My suffering was good for me,  for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.  Your instructions are more valuable to me   than millions in gold and silver.” Psalm 119:71-72  On this Father’s Day, we thank God for loving and teaching us, no matter how difficult the lessons are to learn.


要常常喜樂, 不住的禱告, 凡事謝恩。因為這是 神在基督耶穌裏向你們所定的旨意。

帖撒羅尼迦前書 五章 十六至十八節


  • 為我們的天父,引導我們活出與世人不同的生命。
  • 以耶和華為樂,他就將你心裡所求的賜給你。( 詩篇 37:4
  • 感謝生養我們的父親!
  • 為你是世上的光,讓我們藉著相信耶穌,勝過屬靈生命中的低沉。
  • 我懼怕的時候要倚靠你。( 詩篇 56:3


  • 生病的肢體和居家行動不便的弟兄姊妹滿有神的同在。
  • 我們不要讓驕傲阻攔我們信靠上帝。
  • 彼得前書3:9節中說:不以惡報惡、以辱罵還辱罵,倒要祝福,因你們是為此蒙召,好叫你們承受福氣。求神使我們甚至可以祝福我們的敵人,使我們因順服神而得到祝福。
  • 我們自我節制,過聖潔的生活,不要只爲滿足自我而活。
  • 神祝福我們的畢業生學業有成就, 願他們的人生旅途中繼續蒙神指引。
  • 教會的夏季退修會計劃蒙神祝福;願神呼召衆人參加週末的學習和團契。
  • 徐麗娟傳道的暑期休假使她身心得以振奮。
  • 暑期兒童聖經學校的籌劃人、義工和參加的學生合神心意、蒙神祝福!
  • 我們的言行可以透出神的作爲,引導別人經歷神的愛。
  • 我們國家有敬畏神的領導人。
  • 我們能饒恕傷害過我們的人,就像上帝饒恕我們曾經的過犯一樣。
  • 我們專注於神要我們做的任務,把我們不能做的事交給神。
  • 為我們在烏克蘭的兄弟姐妹提供和平、安慰與和解;願神與那些焦慮、恐懼和失去親人的同在。讓我們迫切地禱告呼求神以憐憫和同情結束這場衝突。


        我們在詩篇119 篇第68節讀到:神是良善的,所行的也良善;但是當我們處於試煉之中時,我們常常認為發生在我們身上的不是好事。然而,神將精明和知識賜給我們,正如詩篇11971-72節表達的意義:我受苦是與我有益,為要使我學習你的律例。你口中的訓言與我有益,勝於千萬的金銀。在這個父親節,感謝神通過艱難的課程向我們傳遞他對我們的愛和教導。