October 9, 2022

Oct 07, 2022   •  

Cast your cares on the Lord    and he will sustain you… (Psalm 55:22)

  • Thank you Lord, that no matter what valley or storm we may be walking through, you are always with us. Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Psalm 23:4
  • Pray for those who are overwhelmed by storm destruction. Pray that God will give them courage and strength to take the next steps to recover.
  • Pray that we may accept the circumstances of life knowing that God has made straight and crooked paths. Ecclesiastes 7:14  A negative incident could turn out to be a good thing.
  • Pray for our small groups, that they may be the means to discipleship and fellowship with the Lord and each other.
  • Pray for our neighbors in the community, that we may live in harmony and bring honor to God.
  • Pray for our fundraising efforts for the Chinatown Service Center, that we may not just leave the work to others, but find a spot to serve.
  • Pray that sin does not strangle the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us.
  • Thank God for the sunshine after a few gloomy days.
  • Thank God that He does not grow weary or weak – that He is always on standby when we need a dose of courage or a listening ear.
  • Ask God to help us choose not to allow the sinful, broken people in the world (those who look just like me) to be a stumbling block that keeps us away from our sinless, perfect and loving Heavenly Father.
  • We pray for our church family – for those dealing with health and mobility issues; for those who are homebound; for those with job and financial worries; for those in broken relationships. Pray for comfort in knowing God has orchestrated every minute of our lives and loves us. The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:7-8

For more prayer items for our world, our country, our community, our church, our family, and ourselves, please see our monthly prayer calendar on the website.


“你要把你的重擔卸給耶和華,祂必撫養你…。”詩篇五十五章 二十二節

  • 感謝主,無論我們走過怎樣的深谷或風暴,你總是與我們同在。我雖然行過死蔭的幽谷,也不怕遭害,因為你與我同在,你的杖、你的竿都安慰我。詩篇23:4
  • 為那些因風暴破壞而不知所措的人祈禱。求主賜給他們採取重建的勇氣和力量。
  • 祈求我們可以接受所處的生活情況,知道亨通或蹇滯的道路也是上帝開闢的。傳道書7:14 負面的事情可能會變成一件好事。
  • 為我們的小組禱告,使他們成為門徒訓練和與主相交的途徑。
  • 為社區比鄰禱告,讓我們和睦相處,榮耀神。
  • 為華埠服務中心的籌款工作禱告,不要把工作交給別人,而是自己找個侍奉的地方。
  • 祈求罪不會扼殺聖靈引導我們的能力。
  • 在陰沉的日子之後感謝神賜給陽光。
  • 感謝主,祂不會疲倦或軟弱——當我們需要勇氣或傾聽時,祂總能依靠。
  • 求神幫助我們選擇不讓世上有罪或破碎的人(那些看起來像我的人)成為絆腳石,導致我們遠離這無罪、完美和慈愛的天父。
  • 為我們的教會大家庭祈禱——為那些健康和行動有問題的人、困在家裡的人、受工作和財務問題困擾的人、有關係破裂的人祈禱。為知道主精心安排了我們生命中的每一分鐘並愛我們而祈求安慰。耶和華要保護你免受一切的災害,他要保護你的性命。你出你入,耶和華要保護你,從今時直到永遠。詩篇121:7-8