April 2, 2023

Mar 31, 2023   •  

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

  • We come to worship this Palm Sunday singing with joy, for we know that Jesus has paid the price to make us right with our Father in heaven.
  • Thank you, Lord Jesus, for praying for our faith relationship with you, more precious than silver or gold.
  • Thank you, Lord, for understanding when our joy is subdued by our struggles in the world.
  • Thank you, Lord, that You have forgiven our confessed sins.
  • During this season of Lent, help us to deepen our relationship with God. Take from us the spirit of laziness, faint-heartedness, desire for power, and idle talk.  Instead lead us to a spirit of self-restraint, humility, patience, and love.  Help us to see our own errors instead of unjustly or hastily judging others.
  • We pray for those who are saddened by the loss of loved ones.
  • Stir up our faith that we may not only praise God with our lips, but follow Jesus in the way of the cross in obedience.
  • Teach us to know that if we fear You, we do not have to fear anything else.
  • We pray for those who are lost or lonely. May we encourage them with prayers and a listening ear.
  • Help us to apply God’s Word as written, not twist it to suit our needs.
  • Pray for our pastors and missionaries as they are always confronted with obstacles as they spread the gospel to a world with deaf ears.
  • We are struggling Lord with the evil we see at every turn. Teach us to trust that You are working out your plan.
  • We pray for loved ones in our families living through difficult times – health concerns, loss of loved ones, financial worries, job struggles, relationship problems, loneliness, and other stressors – as we place all things in the hands of our all-knowing and powerful Father, may peace and calm help them overcome.

For more prayer items for our world, our country, our community, our church, our family, and ourselves, please see our monthly prayer calendar on the website.



  • 我們歡歡喜喜地來敬拜這個棕樹主日,因為我們知道耶穌已經付出代價,使我們與天父和好。
  • 主耶穌,感謝你為我們與你的信心關係禱告,你的建立比金銀更寶貴。
  • 主啊,當我們的喜樂被世上的掙扎壓抑時,感謝你的理解。
  • 主啊,感謝你赦免了我們承認的罪。
  • 在這個大齋期,幫助我們加深與神的關係。除去我們懶惰、膽小、貪權和空談的心。相反地,引導我們培養自我約束、謙遜、忍耐和仁愛的精神。幫助我們看到自己的過錯,而不是不公義或倉促地判斷他人。
  • 我們為那些因失去親友而悲傷的人祈禱。
  • 激發我們的信心,使我們不僅用唇舌讚美主,而且可以跟隨耶穌走在十字架順服的道路上。
  • 教我們知道,如果我們敬畏你,就不必懼怕其他任何事物。
  • 為迷失或孤獨的人祈禱。願我們以告禱和傾聽的耳朵鼓勵他們。
  • 幫助我們應用神的話語,而不是扭曲它來適應自己的需要。
  • 為我們的牧師和宣教士禱告,因為他們向一個充耳不聞的世界傳播福音時總是遇到障礙。
  • 主啊,我們每時每刻都在與所看到的邪惡作鬥爭。教導我們信靠你是在製定你的計劃。
  • 為生活在困難時期的家人祈禱——健康問題、失去親人、財務問題、工作困難、人際關係問題、孤獨和其他壓力——當我們把一切都交在全知全能之天父的手中時,願平安和冷靜幫助他們克服困難。