May 21, 2023

May 19, 2023   •  

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

  • Thank you, Lord, for great is your love towards us. Psalm 86:13
  • Thank you, Lord, for your unconditional support even when we mess up.
  • Thank you, Lord, for your comfort and peace as you carry us through periods of sadness and pain.
  • Lord, may nothing separate us from You today.
  • Teach us how to choose only Your way so each step will lead us closer to You.
  • Help us to keep our hearts pure and undivided.
  • Keep us from being distracted by our wants, our desires, our thoughts on how things should be but rather focus on YOUR perfect plan for us.
  • Help us to embrace what comes our way as opportunities… rather than personal inconveniences. We are not responsible for the circumstances we are in, but we are responsible for the way we allow those circumstances to affect us. Lord, help them to transform us into what You want us to be.
  • Help our church focus every effort on those who do not yet know Jesus. Strengthen us through worship, your Word, and fellowship with other believers so that we may be courageous in our witness.
  • Quiet our human reasoning egged on by evil forces that try to talk us out of our spiritual inheritance. Help us stand firm on every promise that You have given us.
  • Pray that while we assert our individuality, we do not forget to yield to God, that we are dependent on Him.
  • Pray for our nation, that we may contribute to the answer for combating violence, hate and unrest.

For more prayer items for our world, our country, our community, our church, our family, and ourselves, please see our monthly prayer calendar on the website.



  • 感謝主,你向我發的慈愛是大的。詩篇86:13
  • 主啊,感謝你無條件的支持,即使我們自取其咎。
  • 感謝主,在你帶領我們度過悲傷和痛苦時給予我們安慰與平安。
  • 主啊,願今天沒有任何事物能使我們與你隔絕。
  • 教導我們如何只選擇你的道路,那麽每一步都會引領我們更接近你。
  • 幫助我們保持心靈的純潔和專一。
  • 讓我們不要分心在我們的需求、慾望、和對事情的自我想法,而是專注於你為我們制定的完美計劃。
  • 幫助我們將遇到的一切視為機遇…而不是個人的不便。我們不能對所處的環境負責,但對我們如何允許這些環境對自己的影響我們必須負責。主啊,讓它們將我們改變成你希望我們成為的樣子。
  • 幫助我們的教會將一切努力集中在那些還不認識耶穌的人。通過敬拜、你的話語以及與其他信徒的團契來鞏固我們,使我們可以勇敢地作見證。
  • 平息我們被邪惡勢力煽動的推理,這些邪惡勢力試圖說服我們放棄屬靈的基業。幫助我們堅守你給我們的每一個應許。
  • 祈求我們在堅持自己的個性的同時,不要忘記屈服於耶和華,我們要依靠他。
  • 為我們的國家祈禱,令我們可以為打擊暴力、仇恨和動亂做出貢獻。