Looking Forward to Jesus 盼望救主耶穌基督: December 1, 2019

Dec 01, 2019   •     •   John 1:19-28

Scripture Reading 讀經:John 約翰福音1:19-28

19 And this is the testimony of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, “Who are you?” 20 He confessed, and did not deny, but confessed, “I am not the Christ.” 21 And they asked him, “What then? Are you Elijah?” He said, “I am not.” “Are you the Prophet?” And he answered, “No.” 22 So they said to him, “Who are you? We need to give an answer to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?” 23 He said, “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’ as the prophet Isaiah said.”  24 (Now they had been sent from the Pharisees.) 25 They asked him, “Then why are you baptizing, if you are neither the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?” 26 John answered them, “I baptize with water, but among you stands one you do not know, 27 even he who comes after me, the strap of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie.” 28 These things took place in Bethany across the Jordan, where John was baptizing.


19 約翰所作的見證記在下面。猶太人從耶路撒冷差祭司和利未人到約翰那裡,問他說:「你是誰?」 20 他就明說,並不隱瞞,明說:「我不是基督。」 21 他們又問他說:「這樣,你是誰呢?是以利亞嗎?」他說:「我不是。」「是那先知嗎?」他回答說:「不是。」 22 於是他們說:「你到底是誰?叫我們好回覆差我們來的人。你自己說你是誰?」 23 他說:「我就是那在曠野有人聲喊著說:『修直主的道路』,正如先知以賽亞所說的。」 24 那些人是法利賽人差來的。 25 他們就問他說:「你既不是基督,不是以利亞,也不是那先知,為什麼施洗呢?」 26 約翰回答說:「我是用水施洗,但有一位站在你們中間,是你們不認識的, 27 就是那在我以後來的,我給他解鞋帶也不配。」 28 這是在約旦河外伯大尼,約翰施洗的地方作的見證。    (現代標點和合本繁體字)

Sermon Notes 信息:  

  • Life is not about us
  • Life is all about Jesus