Seeking Counsel in God’s Law: February 7, 2021

Feb 06, 2021   •     •   Psalm 119:97-104

In lieu of normal Sunday Services, please see below for alternate worship options

English February 7, 2021 Worship Service, “Seeking Counsel in God’s Law”, Psalm 119:97-104


Seeking Counsel in God’s Word, Psalm 119:97-104

  1. God’s Law Gives Wisdom
    1. Psalm 119:97-100
    2. Seek Wise counsel through God’s Word
    3. BIBLE (Believer’s Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
  2. God’s Law Guides Us in Righteousness
    1. Psalm 119:101-102
    2. Seeking self-glory and selfishness is unrighteousness; Choosing God and His glory is righteousness.
    3. Psalm 14:12
  3. God’s Law Fulfills Our Desires
    1. Psalm 119:103-104
    2. Do you crave the Word of God with the same desire as your favorite food?
    3. The more you know of God’s character & love, the more that you want to obey Him.