Prayers: September 20, 2020

Sep 19, 2020   •  

Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:          

  • Thank you, Lord, for grandparents passing on their wisdom and love.
  • Thank you, Lord, for giving your people courage to be frontline workers.
  • Thank you, Lord, for cool breezes.
  • Thank you, Lord, for people who have encouraged me in my spiritual walk. Philippians 1:3
  • Thank you, Lord, that You are able to soar above, plunge beneath, and step over the troubles of the earth! Matthew 19:26

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • Those with ongoing health concerns, those making progress toward recovery, those learning to adapt to new normals
  • Those in nursing or homebound care. Thank God for their caregivers who also take on roles of family members.
  • Those who are weary from taking care of endless patients sick from the virus, from fighting fires, from rescuing people from storms, from trying to keep peace among people who are angry. Thank God for giving them courage and strength to persevere in what they do.
  • That we may be patient in trusting You to work on a positive response to COVID-19.
  • That those who fear You may be elected to office
  • For our missionaries who carry the burden of meeting needs of their own families as well as the spiritual futures of those who have not heard about Jesus
  • That we may see a purpose to our times of waiting – developing skills, confidence, trust and wisdom to discern right timing
  • For those who struggle with meeting every day needs of food and shelter

Pray for CCC:

  • Pray that we may worship God throughout the day as He fills each one with His presence As we praise more, may our eyes be opened to seeing Him more.  My mouth is filled with your praise, and with your glory all the day. Psalm 71:8
  • For the new virtual English and Citizenship classes. May students witness the love of God through this service.
  • Thank God for cheerful givers who sustain the work of the church
  • That God lets us know when the time is right to return to worship in His sanctuary. Pray for peace and calm in our hearts as we seek Him where He leads us.
  • For the planning and outreach of the Chinese retreat in October.
  • For those performing not only ministry tasks but also learning new technology skills
  • For courage to think outside the box, beyond the way we always do things, because with God all things are possible

To Think About: In Proverbs, God’s guide to living, we are reminded that God will deal with those who lead good people astray.  We must be sure to know God’s path as we influence others to know Him.   Those who lead good people along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the honest will inherit good things. Proverbs 28:10 NLT




  • 感謝祖父母將智慧和慈愛傳遞給晚輩。
  • 感謝神讓你的子民有勇氣在第一綫服務。
  • 感謝主賜涼爽清風。
  • 感謝弟兄姊妹鼓舞我行走屬靈行程。腓立比書1:3
  • 感謝神踏過世上的艱難,因他可以騰飛在高處,也能深潛在低谷,在人這是不能的,但在神凡事都能。(馬太福音19:26)


  • 為身體軟弱和接受治療的肢體禱告,特別為需要長期治療和復健,以及適應新環境的人禱告,求主醫治使他們盡快康復。
  • 為老人院或居家需要特別看護的長輩們禱告,同時感謝護工人員如家人般的照顧,願聖靈的關愛、平安和喜樂與他們同在。
  • 為在應對無盡的新冠病毒病人、火災、風暴和騷動中疲憊的人禱告,感謝主鼓舞和加添力量使他們可以持守崗位。
  • 禱告我們有耐心相信神必在這場瘟疫中給出正面的反應。
  • 為懼怕神掌權的人禱告。
  • 求主保守宣教士在未得之地的福音事工,也求主滿足他們的家庭需要。
  • 禱告我們知道在等待中的目的——培養技能、自信、信靠和識別時機的智慧。
  • 為尋求食物和栖身之所的人禱告。


  • 願我們在日光下的日子貫穿了對神的敬拜和贊美,讓聖靈充滿我們,與我們同在。當讚美越多,我們心靈的眼睛就能更多地看到神!你的讚美,你的荣耀,终日必满了我的口。詩篇718
  • 為服務中心的公民課和英文課禱告,願基督的愛可以在此彰顯。
  • 為慷慨奉獻、扶持教會正常運轉的人禱告。
  • 求主引領我們讓我們知道“重啓教會”的時間;求主在我們尋求他的引領中使衆人的心中有平安。
  • 求主保守和使用10月份的中文退修會。
  • 為一邊在事工中服侍,一邊學習新技術的同工禱告。
  • 讓我們心意更新變化,有超越當下狀況的眼光,因爲神可以成就諸事。