Prayers: November 1, 2020

Oct 30, 2020   •  


Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you, Lord, for making us righteous before you through the blood of Jesus. Romans 8:1
  • Thank you, Lord, that even when human love is elusive, Your love for me is strong, steadfast, and eternal.
  • Thank you, Lord, that You keep watch over me and just like for Peter, You will not let me drown.
  • Thank you, Lord, that you are close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) and you will sustain us until we see our loved ones again.
  • Thank you, Lord, that there are always things we can do for you if we move our focus away from what we can’t do


Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • Those with ongoing health concerns. Thank God for health care workers.
  • Those in nursing or homebound care. Thank God for positive environments.
  • Those suffering in the COVID-19 pandemic and those working to overcome its devastation. Pray for continued perseverance in mask-wearing and social distance. Pray that we will see God’s plan for overcoming the virus.
  • Those who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus especially on this International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians sponsored by Voice of the Martyrs. [persecution,com]
  • For recovery for those suffering a new storm
  • For our loved ones who now reside in heaven. We celebrate their new homes and the blessing they have been to us.
  • For order in the national election and that godly leaders will prevail in the results
  • For our missionaries to draw on the power of our Savior to overcome obstacles and be fruitful in their ministry field


Pray for CCC:

  • Pray that all the earth will join us in worship to God who loves us forever. Everything on earth will worship you; they will sing your praises, shouting your name in glorious songs. Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw his unfailing love from me. Psalm 66:4, 20
  • That we honor God with our prayers acknowledging that He is omnipresent, caring, omniscient, and all-powerful.
  • That God will grow our faith as the news of the day brings such overwhelming darkness and despair. John 16:33
  • That as coworkers with God in the mission field, we defer to His guidance and remember He works with us. 1 Corinthians 3:9
  • For courage to honor God in new ways as we are limited (but not totally) in what we may do
  • For wisdom, strength and balance for our pastors
  • That we strive to become more Christ-aware so there is no room for self-awareness in what we do
  • For our efforts to support the Shoebox Ministry for children around the world


To Think About: In Proverbs, God’s guide to living, we are reminded that those who engage in derisive, disagreeable behavior make dangerous situations worse; better to promote calm and more Kingdom-like peace to please God. Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger.  Proverbs 29:8 NLT





  • 感謝主,因著耶穌寶血的遮蓋使我們可以稱義。(如今,那些在基督耶穌裡的就不定罪了。羅馬書81
  • 雖然人的愛是變幻莫測的,但神對我的愛卻是堅實穩固永遠不變的。
  • 感謝主一直看顧我,就像看顧彼得那樣,不讓我在任何環境中沉溺。
  • 感謝主在身邊陪伴傷心的人,扶持我們直至摯愛親朋再相見。(耶和華靠近傷心的人,拯救靈性痛悔的人。詩篇3418
  • 感謝主當我們不把精力放在不能做的事情上時,我們總是能在神國度的事工中有份。



  • 為身體軟弱和接受治療的肢體禱告;感謝健康護理人員的悉心照料。
  • 為老人院或居家需要特別看護的長輩們禱告;感謝神賜下良好的環境。
  • 為新冠病毒患者和救治研發抗擊病毒的各級機構和人員禱告;讓我們所有的人耐心佩戴口罩保持社交距離;禱告我們尋求上帝的心意,觀看全能的主施行他奇妙的計劃。
  • 請在國際禱告日為受迫害的基督徒禱告,求主保守和堅固他的兒女。
  • 為風暴之後的家園恢復工作禱告。
  • 為我們已經在天父懷中的親友禱告,慶賀他們屬天的新家和他們給我們的祝福。
  • 為全囯大選的有序進行禱告,願合神心意的領袖勝出。
  • 願我們的宣教士支取救主的能力勝過各樣攔阻,在福音工場結果纍纍。



  • 願全地都來與我們敬拜愛我們到永遠的神。全地要敬拜你,歌頌你,要歌頌你的名。」…神是應當稱頌的!他並沒有推卻我的禱告,也沒有叫他的慈愛離開我。詩篇66420
  • 讓我們以禱告榮耀神,感謝神的全知全能全在,感謝神的恩惠。
  • 因爲每天都聽聞到依靠上帝勝過黑暗和絕望的消息,使我們的基督信仰得以成長。(我將這些事告訴你們,是要叫你們在我裡面有平安。在世上你們有苦難,但你們可以放心,我已經勝了世界。約翰福音16:33)
  • 禱告我們要記得在福音工廠我們是神的同工,應當聽從神的引領。(哥林多前書3:9)
  • 當我們所做的事情縂能力有限時,禱告神鼓勵我們可以用新的方式榮耀神的名。
  • 為我們的牧者有智慧、能力和平衡禱告。
  • 讓我們竭力順服聖靈的引導,不給自我需要留下空間。
  • 讓我們努力支持“聖誕禮物鞋盒事工“,為福音未得之地的孩子送去認識耶穌基督的機會。