Prayers: November 22, 2020

Nov 20, 2020   •  


O Lord, I will honor and praise your name,
for you are my God.
You do such wonderful things!
You planned them long ago,
and now you have accomplished them.  Isaiah 25:1

From creation until now, we can think of all the wonderful things God has done for our good, in His time, and because He loves us.  Although Satan in the world stirs up trouble and doubt, God is more powerful and Master of all that is in the world and worthy to be praised.  Many things may be a mystery to us, but are ultimately a part of His plan for our good and eternity.  And despite our human frailties and unrighteousness God does not want us far from Him.

Thank God for who He is ….

  • Creator [Isaiah 40:28]
  • Unchanging [Hebrews 13:8]
  • Love [1 John 4:8]
  • Faithful [1 Corinthians 1:9]
  • Bigger than our imagination [Ephesians 3:20]
  • Personal friend [1 John 1:3]
  • Savior [1 Timothy 4:10]

Thank God for who we are in Him ….

  • Forgiven [ 1 John 2:12]
  • Justified and redeemed [Romans 3:24]
  • Adopted child Ephesians 1:5]
  • Chosen [1 Thessalonians 1:4]
  • Temple of the Holy Spirit [1 Corinthians 6:19]
  • New creature in Christ [2 Corinthians 5:17]
  • Forever loved [Romans 8:38-39]
  • Friend of Jesus [John 15:15]

May you and your family be blessed and protected this Thanksgiving season.  May God keep all who need a touch of love and care under the shadow of His wing.  And may we come to realize that God, who has provided all we need, has brought more joy to us than having all we thought we wanted.  And just as His love endures forever, may our thankfulness to God be never ending!












  • 創造地極的主 [以賽亞書 40:28]
  • 直到永遠是不變的 [希伯來書 13:8]
  • 愛 [約翰一書4:8]
  • 信實的 [哥林多前書1:9]
  • 超過我們所求所想的[以弗所書3:20]
  • 個人的親密朋友 [約翰一書1:3]
  • 萬人的救主,更是信徒的救主 [提摩太前書4:10]



  • 赦免 [約翰一書2:12]
  • 救贖和稱義[羅馬書 3:24]
  • 兒子的名分[以弗所書 1:5]
  • 揀選 [帖撒羅尼迦前書1:4]
  • 是聖靈的殿[哥林多前書6:19]
  • 就是新造的人[哥林多后書5:17]
  • 神永遠的愛[羅馬書 8:38-39]
  • 是耶穌的朋友[約翰福音 15:15]