Prayers: December 6, 2020

Dec 05, 2020   •  


Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you, Lord, for giving me victory and abundant life in Jesus Christ! Although I don’t deserve it, You shower me with unconditional love, forgiveness and a future.
  • Thank you, Lord, for the lights of the season which help us reflect on Jesus being the Light of the world.
  • Thank you, Lord, that I have nothing to fear because you promise to strengthen and help me and uphold me with Your righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
  • Thank you, Lord, for providing what I need for each day.
  • Thank you, Lord, for being compassionate and gracious. Help me to remember how You’ve been faithful and answered my prayers in the past—and will again in the future. Psalm 86

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • Those with ongoing health concerns. Pray for patience during the healing process.
  • Those in nursing or homebound care. Pray that they may continue to be positive even as winter darkness and cold set in.
  • Those affected by the pandemic either as victims or caregivers. Pray for patience and hope as we wait on the Lord for a positive outcome.
  • For patience to do what is best, although not what we might want
  • For school children to cope with their unusual learning and limited recreation environments
  • That we might provide a listening ear to those who need encouragement
  • That we may share with someone this week that peace from God cannot come from the world. John 14:27
  • Thast we might live by faith and not by sight, trusting God for our eternity. 2 Corinthians 5:7
  • For our missionaries – that they may be protected and assured of God’s power in their work

Pray for CCC:

  • To glorify Jesus in all that we do, the words that we say and the meditations in our hearts.
  • That we overcome the worry that might have defined much of our 2020, and let worship define the rest of this year into next.
  • For our outreach efforts to the community; that small gifts from the church may direct them to the best gift of Jesus Christ in their lives.
  • That we realize how much we can still do for God and be safe while doing it
  • That our pastors will receive God’s protection, preach with wisdom and be blessed by the Holy Spirit
  • To be bold and courageous in being an example of God’s light in our community

To Think About: We have entered into the church season of Advent when we prepare for the coming of Jesus anew in our hearts. On this second Sunday of Advent we reflect on Peace. In the  safety of God’s arms and the assurance that He hears us when we call and has set us apart for himself, we can be at peace.  Many people say, “Who will show us better times?”Let your face smile on us, Lord. You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.Psalm 4:6-8 NLT





  • 感謝主賜給我在耶穌基督裏有得勝和豐盛的生命!儘管我是這不配的人,但您的無條件的愛、饒恕和盼望仍然如甘露澆灌在我的生命中。
  • 感謝主,聖誕節的燈火提醒我們:耶穌是世上的光!
  • 感謝主的同在使我毫無無懼,在以賽亞書41章第10節中,我的神應許我:“你不要害怕,因為我與你同在;不要驚惶,因為我是你的神。我必堅固你,我必幫助你,我必用我公義的右手扶持你。
  • 感謝主賜我每日生活所需。
  • 感謝主,你是有憐憫有恩典的神,不輕易發怒,並有豐盛的慈愛和誠實;你幫助我不忘記你的恩惠,知道你是昨日、今日和永遠聼我禱告的神!(詩篇86)


  • 為身體軟弱和接受治療的肢體禱告,願他們有耐心等候康復。
  • 為老人院或居家需要特別看護的長輩們禱告,願他們在寒冬和漫長黑夜時保持樂觀的心態。
  • 為在新冠病毒受感染的患者和醫護人員禱告;為我們在盼望和忍耐中等候上帝的工作。
  • 儘管可能不是我們想要的,求主幫助我們有耐心盡力做得最好。
  • 為學齡的孩子們禱告,願他們能適應不尋常的學習方式和有限的活動空間。
  • 求主給我們有能聼的耳朵,幫助我們知道需要被關懷和鼓勵的弟兄姊妹。
  • 求主在這個星期讓我們與人分享這個世界不能帶來的平安,那份只有從上帝來的真平安。(約翰福音14:27)
  • 求主幫助我們能憑信心不憑眼見,信靠基督得永生(哥林多后書5:7)
  • 求主保守我們的宣教士在他們的事工工場有聖靈的保守和大能同在。


  • 讓我們所思、所言和所行的都能榮耀神。
  • 為我們經歷的在2020年產生的憂患禱告,也讓我們用禱告來圈住今年的剩餘時間和來年的日子。
  • 為我們教會在社區外展中的努力禱告,願從教會來的小小禮物能引導社區居民得到他們生命中最大的、從耶穌基督而來的禮物。
  • 求主幫助我們明白我們可以為神做什麽和安全有效的方式。
  • 禱告我們的牧者有神的保守、證道有智慧、有聖靈的同在和祝福。
  • 讓我們剛强壯膽、彼此鼓勵,成爲社區中為上帝光明的榜樣。