Prayers: June 6, 2021

Jun 05, 2021   •  


Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you Lord, for freedom to worship you and for those who have bravely served our country in our defense.
  • Thank you, Lord, that you know about sacrifice. You sacrificed your life for my freedom from the law of sin and death.
  • Thank you, Lord, for putting others in my life who are in a position to offer helpful advice when I need it.
  • Thank you, Lord, for the beauty and calm of a sunny, spring day.
  • Thank you, Lord, for loving me, forgiving me, and never letting me go. You are the reason for the hope that I have.


Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • For those who are dealing with illness and health issues. Pray for positive thinking because they know God is in control.
  • For those who mourn, pray that God will comfort them through family, friends and His peace.
  • For those who are frustrated by too much to do or think about
  • That we may practice self-restraint in order to encourage others to follow Jesus’ example of humility
  • For our missionaries whose ministries have been impacted by COVID, unrest, and fear. Pray that they will not lose hope in accomplishing God’s work.
  • For grace to handle the trials of the day in peace and calm and so influence those around us to experience the love of God
  • For those suffering in weather extremes
  • For those with difficult decisions to make


Pray for CCC:

  • “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;” Psalm 95:6
  • For forgiveness when our impatience causes our failure to trust in God
  • That God will show us what we need to learn and do
  • That our teens will experience the love and joy of knowing God as they gather together
  • That we learn to move at the speed of Jesus for his sovereign schedule is different from ours. Pray that we are patient to follow His timetable, not ours.
  • That the ultimate outcome of our ministry work displays God’s glory and goodness in ways that are so much greater than our plans.
  • For protection from evil plans at work in the world
  • For energy and enthusiasm as we plan to return to God’s house in person. Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11


To Think About: We often have questions that can rock our faith such as ‘what’s my purpose in life’. Jesus calls us to join him as doctors who make house calls.  “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”  Physical sickness and soul sickness are both conditions which need healing before they cause destruction.  The Holy Spirit enables us to join Jesus in this task of healing the soul by making disciples.  Mark 2:14-17







  • 感謝神我能自由地敬拜你!向勇敢地保護國家、保護我們安全的軍人致謝!
  • 謝謝主!你知道犧牲的涵義,你還是為我捨了你的性命,將我從罪和死的律中解放出來,給了我自由。
  • 謝謝主把幫助我的人放在我生命裡,為我提供隨時的建議。
  • 感謝主賜下美麗、寧靜、陽光明媚的春天。
  • 感謝神愛我、饒恕我、對我不離不棄。你是我盼望的緣由!




  • 為體弱多病的弟兄姊妹禱告,願他們能信靠掌管萬物的神能醫治一切的疫病。
  • 為哀痛的人禱告,願神藉著家人朋友和屬神的平安來安慰他們。
  • 為需要多作思考和多作行動而沮喪膽怯的人禱告。
  • 求主幫助我們在行爲上自覺自律,目的是鼓勵別人跟隨耶穌謙卑柔和的樣式。
  • 為遭受新冠病毒、騷亂和恐懼影響的宣教士禱告,求主幫助他們持守盼望去完成神的工作。
  • 求神賜恩典使我們能用和平與冷静去應對每日生活中的試煉,從而帶動周圍的人來經理神的愛
  • 為受極端天氣影響的人禱告。
  • 為面對困難决擇的人禱告。




  • “來啊,我們要屈身敬拜,在造我們的耶和華面前跪下!(詩篇95:6)”
  • 求主饒恕我們因急躁而導致對神的不信任。
  • 求主向我們彰顯他的心意,讓我們知道需要學習的方面和行動的方向。
  • 願教會的青少年在團契聚會中經歷認識神的喜樂和平安。
  • 求神幫助我們學會調整自我的計劃和步伐,順服主耶穌的主權和計劃,有耐心跟隨神的時間表。
  • 禱告我們事工的終極目的是彰顯神的榮耀和各樣的美善,因他的心意遠高過我們的計劃。
  • 求神保守我們脫離魔鬼在世上的計劃和破壞。
  • 讓我們精力充沛、熱情飽滿地制定恢復在教堂崇拜的計劃。歷代志上16章11節說:要尋求耶和華與他的能力,時常尋求他的面!”


思考:我們常常遇到足以動搖我們信念的問題,例如:“我人生的目標是什麽?”。耶穌呼召我們加入他的行列,成為登門治病的醫生。“康健的人用不著醫生,有病的人才用得著。我來本不是召義人,乃是召罪人。”  肉體的疾病和心靈的疾病都需要醫治,不然會造成毀滅性的損失。聖靈使我們有能力領人歸主,與耶穌一起醫治靈魂。( 馬可福音 2:14-17)