Prayers: September 26, 2021

Sep 25, 2021   •  



Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you, Lord, for knowing my heart even when I can’t express feelings in words.
  • Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through troubles.
  • Thank you, Lord, for cool, fall days.
  • Thank you, Lord, for the people who cross my path and add richness to my life.
  • Thank you, Lord, for blessing me abundantly. 2 Corinthians 9:8


Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • For those who are shut-in their homes or nursing facilities
  • For those struggling through illness
  • That we do not miss opportunities to do good
  • That we are alert and of sober mind to detect Satan at work and turn away. 1 Peter 5:8
  • That we are following the Good Shepherd, not where the world is leading
  • To be ready for the Lord’s return. Matthew 24:42
  • For loved ones to know that God is their source of courage and power which is theirs for the asking
  • That we not be clueless like those in the time of Noah and Lot and ignore what God is saying to us
  • That those we know find in us guidance to the clear path to God, not the stumbling block which trips them. Pray our lifestyle is worthy to be imitated.
  • For perseverance for those picking themselves up after Covid infection, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fire
  • For strength for those who are weary working as frontline caregivers


Pray for CCC:

  • To worship with hearts full of gratitude – nothing reveals God’s majesty like the change of seasons. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. Psalm 19:1-2
  • For the continued smooth and safe transition to in-person worship
  • For co-workers to be raised up at every level to fill every need in ministry
  • That we may work to replace hate and chaos in our community with kindness and love
  • For the work of the Nominating Committee in discerning God’s candidates for Board leadership
  • To use every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around us through the quiet witness of a faithful and gentle life or through encouraging words to a weary soul
  • To be doers of God’s Word
  • To practice praying without ceasing for God doesn’t need our prayers but is happy to hear them
  • For good health and wisdom for our pastors
  • For our Board members to work in unity with the Holy Spirit as they return from summer break


To Think About: What’s needed most if we are to be disciples of Christ? Life-Style Worship.  Our worship must recognize God as God and give Him the glory He deserves. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Psalm 29:2 To become mature disciples, we don’t give God our leftover time and energy and resources, but jump for joy and make Him the priority because of all that He has done for us.





  • 感謝主!當我無法用言語表達我的感情,你依然明白我的心。
  • 感謝主帶領我走過艱難時刻。
  • 感謝主賜下涼爽秋季。
  • 為與我人生之路相交的人們感謝神,因爲他們充實了我的生命。
  • 感謝神能將各樣的恩惠多多地加給我們,使我們凡事常常充足,能多行各樣善事。(哥林多後書9:8)



  • 為行動不便,不能離家外出的弟兄姊妹禱告。
  • 為身體有病痛的肢體禱告,願他們依然有喜樂平安。
  • 讓我們不要錯過行善的機會。
  • 求主保守我們保持清醒警覺的頭腦,職別和遠離撒旦的作為。(彼得前書5:8)
  • 讓我們不要追隨世界的牽引,而要跟隨好牧人的帶領。
  • 求主幫助我們準備好迎接主的再來。(馬太福音24:42)
  • 為我們摯愛的人禱告,願他們知道神是他們尋求能力和勇氣的來源。
  • 讓我們不會像諾亞和羅得時代的人那樣無知無畏,對神說的話充耳不聞。
  • 為我們認識的人禱告,願他們在我們身上找到明確的路徑通往神,而不是成爲他們路上的絆腳石。禱告我們的生活方式配得成爲他人模仿的榜樣。
  • 願從新冠病毒感染、地震、颶風和火災後振作起來的人有堅持不懈的信心。
  • 為處在第一綫的醫護人員在疲憊的工作中仍有充足的精力禱告。



  • 讓我們充滿感恩的心敬拜神,沒有什麽能像季節的變換那樣彰顯神的威榮。諸天述說神的榮耀,穹蒼傳揚他的手段。這日到那日發出言語,這夜到那夜傳出知識。(詩篇19: 1-2)
  • 為我們繼續順利和安全地恢復實體崇拜禱告。
  • 為同工的興起禱告,使事工中的各個層面和每一個需要都得到滿足。
  • 為我們努力用善意和愛來取代社區中的仇恨和混亂禱告
  • 為提名委員會的提名工作禱告,願他們有能力甄別神預備的董事會領導層的候選人。
  • 求神幫助我們利用每個機會,用信實和溫和的生命,鼓勵疲倦的人,以無聲的見證爲周邊人的生命帶來改變。
  • 讓我們將神的話語行在自己的生命中。
  • 讓我們不住地操練禱告的功課,雖然神不需要我們禱告,但他喜悅我們向他禱告。
  • 為我們的牧者有良好的健康和屬天的智慧禱告。
  • 讓我們的董事會成員在暑期休整歸來時在聖靈中合一事奉。


思考:我們要成為基督的門徒,最需要什麼?答案就是:在生活中敬拜神。我們的敬拜必須認識:到神就是神,應當給予他應得的榮耀。要將耶和華的名所當得的榮耀歸給他,以聖潔的裝飾敬拜耶和華!(詩篇 29:2) 要成為生命成熟的門徒,我們不能只把剩餘的時間、精力和資源交給神,而應該為他已然為我們就的一切來歡喜雀躍,讓神成爲我們生命中的首位。