Prayers: October 24, 2021

Oct 23, 2021   •  


 Pray in thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives:

  • Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful painting outside my window of a tree full of green leaves frosted in gold.
  • Thank you, Lord, that Your Word is forever giving me hope. Isaiah 40:8
  • Thank you, Lord, for laughter that brings joy to my life and refocuses my attitude in a positive way.
  • Thank you, Lord, for the Holy Spirit making me more like Jesus, obedient and faithful.
  • Thank you, Lord, for helping me to change instead of trying to change others.

 Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • For those who need help with daily living activities.
  • For continued healing and adjusting for those persevering through medical treatment
  • For loved ones who are struggling
  • For the kidnapped missionaries and family members in Haiti as well as other missionaries who work in dangerous environments
  • To treasure Jesus and not the world
  • For grandparents who pass down godly wisdom to the next generation
  • To engage in the work of prayer diligently
  • To practice gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:23

Pray for CCC:

  • To worship God as He deserves because He is the source of all things. Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1
  • That we remain steadfast in service and prayer with thankfulness and adoration for our salvation through Jesus
  • To encourage and support members willing to serve on the Official Board using the gifts God has provided them
  • To be thankful for coworkers who perform tasks in the ministry
  • For our pastors to be armed with wisdom and perseverance and strength
  • For patience to allow God to respond to our plans
  • For our Sunday School classes to be a place where lifelong truths can be discussed and applied
  • For continued growth of fellowship groups
  • That we will invite the Holy Spirit to be among us and recognize when we are to follow
  • That we may grow ever-deeper roots in God’s love and strengthen the trunk of CCC ministry


To Think About: What’s needed most if we are to be disciples of Christ? Life-Style Worship.  We must be aware of God’s revelation – read His Word, listen to the Word being proclaimed, respond in obedience.  Then Moses went down to the people and repeated all the instructions and regulations the Lord had given him. All the people answered with one voice, “We will do everything the Lord has commanded.” (Exdus 24:3)   The only way to know what God wants is to read or hear it from His Word.  And our worship after every hearing should be the response we make in our lives to what God has said.





  • 感謝主在我窗外畫上漂亮的樹木,長滿了綠葉,籠罩著金色的光澤。
  • 感謝主的話語,必永遠給我盼望。(以賽亞書 40:8)
  • 感謝主用笑聲給我的生活帶來快樂,並讓我調整心態充滿積極的生活方式。
  • 感謝主,因著聖靈住在我心裏,使我更像耶穌,順服而忠心。
  • 感謝主幫助我改變自身而不是試圖改變別人。




  • 為日常起居生活需要幫助的人禱告。
  • 為有耐心和信心度過持續診治和恢復調整的過程而禱告。
  • 為至愛親朋中負重前行的人禱告。
  • 為在海地被綁架的宣教士和他們的家屬禱告;也為其他在惡劣環境中的宣教士禱告。
  • 讓我們看耶穌為至寶,而不要看重世界。
  • 為把敬虔智慧傳給下一代的祖父母禱告。
  • 求神幫助我們能每日殷勤禱告。
  • 願我們的行爲充滿了溫柔和節制的品格。( 加拉太書 5:23)



  • 讓我們敬拜造物的主,我們的神,將他當得的榮耀歸給他!耶和華啊,榮耀不要歸於我們,不要歸於我們,要因你的慈愛和誠實歸在你的名下!(詩篇 115:1)
  • 讓我們以感恩的心讚美救主耶穌,使我們可以在服事和禱告上站立得穩。
  • 願我們能鼓勵和支持願意擔任董事會會員的弟兄姊妹,以神的恩賜在教會服事。
  • 讓我們感謝在事工中服事的同工。
  • 禱告我們的牧者擁有屬天的智慧、毅力和力量。
  • 願我們有耐心等候神回應我們的計劃。
  • 讓主日學課堂成為我們討論和實踐真理的地方。
  • 為所有團契小組的不斷增長禱告。
  • 願我們會邀請聖靈住在我們中間,而且能知道什麽時候應當跟隨他。
  • 讓我們更深地紮根在神的愛中,加強我們教會福音事工的主體力量。


思考:我們要成為基督的門徒,最需要什麼?答案就是:在生活中敬拜神。我們必須對神的啟示持驚醒的心——讀經、聽道、順服。摩西下山,將耶和華的命令、典章都述說於百姓聽,眾百姓齊聲說: “耶和華所吩咐的,我們都必遵行” 。(出埃及記24:3)  知道神心意的唯一方式是閲讀或聆聽神的話語。每次敬拜,聽完信息之後的回應就是在我們的生活中照著神說的去做。