December 25, 2022

Dec 25, 2022   •  

Cast your cares on the Lord    and he will sustain you… (Psalm 55:22)

  • Thank you, Lord, for this Christmas Day. As we light the Christ candle, celebrating the end of Advent and the arrival of Christ and Christmas, let us remember how our Savior came once as a lowly baby, that the world through him might be saved, and how he will return one day in glory.  And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14
  • Thank you, Lord, for sending us the only light we will ever need to guide our path. Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12
  • We pray for courage as we step forward from the Christmas season into the world. Give us your eyes to take in all that you want us to see.  Give us your ears that we may listen to all You have to teach us.  Give us your heart, that we may be as compassionate towards others as You.  Thank you for your grace and mercy which is so freely given.  May we learn to give just as freely.  Lord, wrap your loving arms around those who need it most today and give them your peace:
    • Those with health issues
    • Those who are homebound and alone
    • Those suffering from the storms
    • Those whose homelands are at war
    • Those who are saddened by the loss of loved ones
    • Those with job and financial worries
    • Those in broken relationships
    • Those working in difficult situations to spread the gospel
    • Those needing help with making a difficult decision
    • And anyone who would like a hug from Jesus just because!
  • Thank you, Lord, for everything. May we never forget that you walk with us in all circumstances today and forever.

For more prayer items for our world, our country, our community, our church, our family, and ourselves, please see our monthly prayer calendar on the website.


 “你要把你的重擔卸給耶和華,祂必撫養你…。”詩篇五十五章 二十二節

  • 主啊,感謝你賜予這個聖誕日。當我們燃點基督蠟燭,慶祝降臨節的結束以及基督和聖誕節的到來時,讓我們記住我們的救主如何曾經作為一個卑微的嬰兒降臨,使世界通過他得救,並有一天他將返回榮耀。道成了肉身,住在我們中間,充充滿滿地有恩典有真理。我們也見過他的榮光,正是父獨生子的榮光。約翰福音1:14
  • 主啊,感謝你賜給我們唯一需要的光來指引我們的道路。耶穌又對眾人說:「我是世界的光。跟從我的,就不在黑暗裡走,必要得著生命的光。」約翰福音8:12
  • 當我們在聖誕季節走進世界時,我們祈求勇氣。讓我們有你的眼睛,看到你想我們要看到的一切。讓我們有你的耳朵,聆聽你所教導我們的一切。讓我們有你的心,像你一樣對他人充滿同情。感謝你白白賜予的恩典和憐憫。願我們學會同樣樂意地給予。主啊,用你慈愛的雙臂擁抱那些今天最需要的人,賜給他們你的平安:
    • 有健康問題的人
    • 獨自困在家裡的人
    • 遭受風暴的人
    • 那些祖國處於戰爭中的人
    • 因失去親友而悲傷的人
    • 有工作和財務問題的人
    • 那些關係破裂的人
    • 在困難的情況下工作的傳道人
    • 需要幫助做出艱難決定的人
    • 只是想被耶穌擁抱的人!
  • 主啊,一切都感謝你。願我們永遠不會忘記在任何情況下,今天直至永遠您都在與我們同行。