January 29, 2023

Jan 27, 2023   •  

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

  • Thank you, Lord, for new beginnings, whether it be a new year, a new day or an opportunity for a do over. We thank you for the hope that comes from your power to make all things new.  Revelation 21:5
  • Thank you, Lord, for a few more hours of daylight as we carry on further into winter.
  • Thank you, Lord, that we can count on you for shelter from the storms of life.
  • Teach us, Lord, to follow your heart, not our own hearts which are swayed by the ways of the world. Psalm 119:2-3. May we devote more time to know You and consequently your heart’s desire.
  • Help us, Lord, to give you elbow room in our lives. Although we do not know when or how you will come, help us to give you room to work.
  • Pray that everything we do will fill God’s heart with gladness.
  • Pray for those suffering from COVID and other infections for whom there is not enough medical care.
  • Pray for health professionals and caregivers who work tirelessly to bring comfort to those afflicted.
  • Pray for God’s mercy for those struggling to pay bills due to loss of work.
  • Pray for our leaders in our church, in our community and in the nation, to be God-fearing in their decision-making, in their personal and public actions, and in their thinking.
  • Pray that we may find ways to bring our neighbors into the church to worship.
  • We pray for loved ones in our families living through difficult times – health concerns, financial worries, job struggles, relationship problems, loneliness, and other stressors – as we place all things in the hands of our all-knowing and powerful Father, may peace and calm help them overcome.

For more prayer items for our world, our country, our community, our church, our family, and ourselves, please see our monthly prayer calendar on the website.



  • 主啊,無論是新的一年、新的一天、還是重頭再來的機會,我們為新的開始感謝你。感謝你,因為希望來自你的力量,使一切都更新了。啟示錄21:5
  • 感謝主,在我們繼續進入冬天之際有多幾個小時的日光。
  • 感謝主,我們可以依靠你來躲避生活的風暴。
  • 主啊,教導我們跟隨你的心,而不是我們被世界左右搖動的心。詩篇119:2-3。願我們用更多的時間來認識你,從而了解你內心的渴望。
  • 主啊,請幫助我們在生活中給你更多的活動空間。雖然我們不知道你何時或如何來臨,但請幫助我們給你工作的空間。
  • 祈求我們所做的每一件事都能使神的心充滿喜樂。
  • 為那些因新冠肺炎和其他感染而得不到足夠醫療服務的人禱告。
  • 為努力不懈地為受苦者帶來緩解和安慰的醫務人員和護理人員禱告。
  • 祈求神憐憫因失業而難以支付生計的人。
  • 為我們教會、社區和國家的領導人禱告,在他們的決策、個人和公共行為以及他們的思想中敬畏上帝。
  • 祈求我們能找到途徑把鄰居帶進教會敬拜。
  • 為生活在困難時期的家人禱告——健康問題、財務問題、工作困難、人際關係問題、孤獨和其他壓力——當我們把一切都交在全知全能的天父手中時,願平安和冷靜幫助他們克服困難。