Worship in Scripture and Song: July 29, 2018

Welcome also to our worship leader and speaker, Taehyun Lee (a.k.a. “DJ”) who was born in South Korea, and raised in both South Korea and the Philippines as a missionary kid. He received the master’s degree (M.Div.) in divinity from Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio, Philippines and is pursuing a Ph.D. in theological studies at Regent University. Currently, he is the worship pastor and the youth director at Freedom Church Assemblies of God, Virginia Beach, VA.

DJ is an air force reserve (1st Lieut.) in Republic of Korea and served the military kids’ Sunday school for few years. He has been involved in the worship and youth ministries in both South Korea and the Philippines for ten years. Being passionate about biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, and biblical languages, his vision for the ministry is to edify pastors and leaders in the mission fields (especially, in Southeast Asia) by the means of teaching and preaching. DJ is an experienced amateur soccer player and the assistant coach at Regent University. And he loves music and movies.