Knowing More About Jesus: January 31, 2021

Jan 30, 2021   •     •   John 1:43-51

In lieu of normal Sunday Services, please see below for alternate worship options

English January 31, 2021 Worship Service, “Knowing More About Jesus”, John 1:43-51


Message by Chaplain Don Kammer.

  1. Jesus is a Finder (He Finds Us)
    1. John 1:41-45
  2. Jesus Takes Our Questions (He gives us permission to doubt and ask)
    1. John 1:46-47
  3. Jesus May be From a Humble Town, But He is Alo from God
    1. John 1:48-51
  4. Conclusion: Knowing More of Jesus
    1. The Great Finder and His Finders
    2. Questions are Good
    3. Yes Jesus may be from Nazareth, but He is from God