Living Out God’s Law: January 24, 2021

Jan 23, 2021   •     •   Psalm 119:33-40

In lieu of normal Sunday Services, please see below for alternate worship options

English January 24, 2021 Worship Service, “Living Out God’s Law”, Psalm 119:33-40

  1. Whole-Hearted Obedience
    1. Psalm 119:33-34
    2. Whole-hearted obedience can only come through heart change through God’s hand.
    3. More than just outward obedience
    4. We cannot will our hearts to change…we must ask God for it.
  2. Fighting Sinfulness
    1. Psalm 119:35-37
    2. Heart changes that comes through knowing God changes us completely.
    3. Are we living for ourselves?  Or are we living for God?
  3. Trusting in Promises
    1. Psalm 119:38-40
    2. Those who live out God’s law know His heart and character and so we can trust in Him.
    3. Our eternity is secure, so what do we have to fear?