Why Worship?

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Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you wanted it to go on forever? Has delight over an experience or a vista or a loved one so filled your being that you became lost in that inspiring moment? We use the word “awesome” sometimes to describe the way our hearts resonate with the beauty we sense overwhelming us.

Awesome was first and best intended by God to describe His magnificent, unending, fiery holiness, power, love, and grace. The meaning behind that concept was that God’s brilliance melted away the dross in our lives and brought us to our knees in awe. Part of the DNA of humanity is that we have a compass in our beings which desires to worship something truly awesome.

When humans lost sight of God and grew estranged from the precipice of eternal holiness, we sought other things, ideas, or desires to fill our need to worship. The sports car, the career pinnacle, the trophy spouse, the sparkling clothing rack, the race won, the fantasy vacation, the drug of choice, the 401k, our best selves – all became objects of idolatry.

Worship through dancing

Jesus came to give us our sight back, to help us to connect with that which will last – the worship of the Lord God Almighty. He offers to set up residence inside of us so that we may worship as we were meant to, with awe and adoration of our Father who treasures us.

Here at CCC, we gather in varied ways to offer ourselves to God in thanksgiving and worship. Being with others who recognize all that God has done and is continuing to do helps to recalibrate our souls, as well as urges us toward following His design for our daily lives. Sundays, the Lord’s Day of resurrection from death, is a classical time for group worship gatherings at churches across the globe. But, worship doesn’t end there. It continues in personal and small group fellowship with God and one another.

Our prayer is that wherever we gather in the Lord’s name, we will do so in humble love and thanksgiving for the God who created all that is and ever will be. Amen.